Excavation work fordicht, foundation, building Reber steel fabrication and installation Structural steel fabrication and installation for warehouse, plant area Fabrication and installation pipe support foundation Structure & painting platform Roller frame tailing Temporary facilities

Electrical & Instrument Services

COVERAGE AREAS: Cleaning isolator at overhead area, transformer, SWRG, MCC, MIDP, Lighting and LV panel Take out, reinstall and overhaul Control Valve, Ball Valve, On/Off Valve, Safety Valve Take out, reinstall and calibration Transmitter, FT, PT, PDT, LT, TE, TC, PG Motor test (rotation, temperature, RPM and bearing) Test Oil Trafo Relay Test

Electrical & Instrument Construction

- Fabrication/installation cable tray - Cable pulling main and branch (MV&LV) overhead and underground - Installation panel, SWRGR, MCC, Lighting (HV & LV) at building and plant - Installation grounding cable, rod & connection, lightening arrestor - Termination Cable MV/LV and control (panel&motor) - Cable pulling from JB to instrument point (branch cable) power, control signal & temprature cable - Installation conduit and punching, instrument air pipe line, impulse lead piping and tubing - Installation instrument (FT,PDT,PT,LT,TE,TC,CV, on/off valve, etc - Installation marshalling panel, DI/DI panel, DCS panel, UPS panel, analyzer panel & operator panel

Vision & Mission


To be apart of community that having a courage to participate in Country's development toward globalization


PT Prima Konstruksi Utama is working to support client's operation smoothly & efficiently by providing a good quality of works timely and safety